Tell Tales

Tell Tales brings community storytelling to life, guiding participants on a journey to explore the weird and wonderful interactions with nature in their everyday lives. Tell Tales revives traditional oral storytelling amongst the backdrop of our digital era, running open workshops to host a space for community learning.

Tell Tales has been born through a call from our times. It is a response to a world transported online (hello, 2020), the rise of societal loneliness, the increased geographical movement of individuals who struggle to find community, and the lack of inclusion faced by many for access and engagement with nature – all experiences that I have shared first hand too. Where much of today’s interaction with others is done through text, Tell Tales holds the art of oral storytelling at its heart, highlighting the benefits, wellbeing and opportunities of sharing that it brings.

The project aims to bring together people of mixed abilities, experiences and ages to create a truly diverse space to share stories. We have a focus to engage together young adults and elderly individuals, both of whom feel the effects of the issues that this project works to address in different ways – and many of whom struggle to find platforms or spaces to help. The programme is set up as a fusion between creative writing, spoken word, public reading and oral history to create a library of human experience.

If you are interested in joining a Tell Tales workshop, hosting a series of workshops or hosting an ongoing programme of Tell Tales, or if you’d like to know more about the project, please get in touch!